Corsica.. The Pleasure of Relaxing on the Beaches

Corsica has been part of France since 1769, but the said island in the Mediterranean has a special culture, which makes a vacation in it rewarding, both on the beach and in one of the beautiful villages positioned on top of the hill…
Known for its natural attractiveness and traditions, Corsica looks like a “hidden gem”, receiving tourists aspiring to vacation by the sea from May to September (inclusive). For hiking enthusiasts, the destination is preferable in May-June or in September when the air temperature drops, and the island seems less crowded.

The atmosphere of the old world in “Bonifacio”

“Bonifacio” is a fortified city perched on a steep limestone cliff, overlooking the sea, allowing visitors to discover the ancient world through narrow alleys and medieval passages. The edifice of” St. Mary Major ” dating back to the XII-XIII centuries is one of the tourist stops, especially that the edifice is Roman, and includes early gothic elements. In addition to the edifice, there are many beaches near the city, from which it is easy to get to the port of “Santa Teresa Di Gallura” in Sardinia, by ferry, on an hour-long journey.

“Cap Corse” the most beautiful areas of the island

At the northernmost tip of “Corsica”, the peninsula “Cap Corse”, which is one of the most beautiful areas of the island, consists of a set of hills and fertile valleys where vines, fruit trees and olives grow. There are villages that have remained intact since the Middle Ages, such as” Pino”perched on a wooded hilltop and” nunza ” clinging to a cliff. The Plage de Farinole is a wonderful sandy beach, while the sea is a favorite for surfers, noting that surfboards are available for rent on the spot, and educational courses are offered for those interested.

Fun activities in Corsica

1 walking: there are many walking trails around the island, both along the amazing coasts and in the interior, and they suit the varying physical abilities of tourists, noting that the treasures of the island are “hiding” and require walking towards it, cycling or even horse riding.

2 diving: the island’s waters are transparent and ideal for exploring the depths, and its creatures of flora and fauna. Diving addresses in Corsica, include: “Lotto”in the North,” roccabina”,” rondinara”,” palombaggia”in the south and” Marinella “in the west near the capital”Ajaccio”.

3 eat traditional cuisine: traditional Corsican cuisine is famous for hearty meat dishes and delicious fish, noting that the inhabitants of Corsica eat more meat than fish, due to the coastal areas that were once threatened by invaders.

4 boat trip: the boat trip allows you to see more areas of the island, noting that tourist trips depart from many ports, around the island. One of the favorite destinations to visit, in this framework, is the amazing natural reserve “Scandola”, inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the village “girolata”, which can only be reached by sea or a narrow footpath down the hillside. Boat trip to” Scandola “is available from” Ajaccio”,” Calvi”and”Porto”.

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