“Amalfi Coast” Paradise on Earth

Beautiful natural scenes, along the coast of” Amalfi ” Italy, and include cities dating back to the Roman Empire, colorful architecture, and connected by forests and cliffs. Driving between villages is a popular tourist way to discover the winding “Amalfi” coastal line, going up to the hilltops of “Ravello”… For those wishing to experience the sea, it is easy from “Amalfi” to set off to the island of “Capri” for the purpose of visiting the famous grotto “blue”. And history buffs have a share, in the “Paestum”, where the ruins of the Greek temple can be viewed. It is a popular and attractive station on the coast of “Amalfi”, which was once a powerful center of maritime trade, namely from the ninth to the eleventh centuries. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1343, and its area was reduced as a result, without losing its tourist importance, and is still a popular destination today, especially for those looking for stunning beauty amid the historical atmosphere. The town is famous for its magnificent medieval architecture, including the “Cathedral of Sant’andrea”, dating from the eleventh century, characterized by its interior, with the presence of a statue in it sculpted by Michelangelo. The Chiostro del Paradisio is a museum in the open air designed according to the Arabic style, after that was once a cemetery buried in the nobility of Amalfi. On the other hand, because “Amalfi” was famous for its papermaking, a visit to the Museum of handmade paper is a must.

Conca dei Marini

One of the best attractions is located a few kilometers, just outside the city of Amalfi, and is represented by the small town of” Conca Di Marini”, which is famous for the lap of the” Emerald Island”; that is, the sea cave that turns emerald green when the sun reflects through the water. Tours can be booked through official dinghies. The said boat trip, which departs from “Amalfi”stretches for a whole day, passing through” Positano”, with the inclusion of time for the beach in it, as well as a visit to the”Emerald grotto”.

conca dei marini z


In the early twentieth century, “Positano” was a poor village whose inhabitants made a living from fishing, but little by little it abandoned its character, becoming a tourist destination for those who are impressed by the sight of its pastel-colored houses, overlooking the turquoise waters. Positano’s top attractions include the edifice of “Santa Maria Assunta”, the beach of “arenzo”, strolling through the narrow lanes, shopping, and enjoying great seafood. It is worth mentioning that “Marina Grande” is the main beach in Positano; there are rows of beach umbrellas along the coastline of 300 meters, and attract activities, such as: Sunset fun. Note that the scenery of the colorful buildings of “Marina Grande” is wonderful. In addition, it is possible to take boats to set off for “Capri”, spend the whole day along the “Sorrentine” Peninsula, while prolonging the view of the high sea cliffs and the rocks of “fraglione”. On this organized tour, tourists will have the option to swim or plunge into the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as discover marine caves and rocks from the Paleolithic era.


“Ravello” was once a safe haven from the barbarian invaders, and then became an important trading center. This quaint city with its cobbled streets is a magnet for tourists who are spoiled by picturesque landscapes. The great composer Richard Wagner found inspiration there, so much so that the city organizes the “Ravello festival” of music every summer in honor of the composer. Drinking Limoncello https://www.acouplecooks.com/limoncello/. In the center of the city stands the Romanesque cathedral “San Pantaleone”, built in 1086, and then also remodeled in the Baroque style.


  • Shopping in Sorrento: Via cesa is the main shopping street, as well as a plurality of narrow neighborhoods, mines that sell Murano glass, inlaid wood objects, herbs, silk scarves and ceramic works.
  • Horse riding in the Bay of Salerno: there are many options for horse riding lovers, such as staying at a local farm in the C National Park.
    Romantic day trip to Capri: This Mediterranean island can be reached by ferry and boat from the main cities of the region (Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno), for authentic fun. Just to get to Capri, it is recommended to take a tour to explore the Blue Cave which is a sea cave with incredible blue water that is explored by wooden rowing boats.


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