Authentic Menorca

Menorca, a minimal Balearic Island, has avoided package tourism, leaving only exquisite Spanish beaches, moderate boutique hotels, two sun-bleached cities, and a rural inland of whitewashed hilltop villages. Menorca has received significant attention in recent years as a less-developed alternative to Ibiza and Mallorca, away from the spotlight of the other Balearic Islands. Menorca, apart from much of the Balearics, has very little major tourist growth as a result of General Franco’s denial of money during the civil war – roughly one million tourists visit Menorca each year, compared to Mallorca’s 14 million foreign visitors in 2019. This, combined with Unesco’s declaration of the island as a geopark in 1993, has left most of the island untouched, with rural communities strewn over rolling hills and white-sand beaches. It’s not challenging to find something great to eat in Menorca, with plenty of fresh fish, a traditional lobster stew, an excess of dairy farms producing exquisite cheese, and a penchant for sweet pastries. Menorca is a location that should be explored at least once in a lifetime for a multitude of reasons, but here are a few of our absolute favorites:
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Finest Beaches

The island will please any beach lover craving their own little slice of heaven, with approximately 200 little coves – or calas – to explore, beautiful white sand, and crystal clear waters. Even in high season, you’ll be able to find some peace and quiet on the majority of beaches, which are either untouched or very minimally developed.


The Cami de Cavalls is a magnificent bridleway that circles the whole perimeter of Menorca. The entire island can thus be traversed on foot, horseback, or bicycle, however you may wish to break up the 185 miles (298 kilometres) into smaller parts or plan on spending at least a week travelling.

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Intriguing Archaeology

Traveling across the island, you’ll frequently come upon stone piles and archaic constructions dating back thousands of years. The magnificent Torre d’en Galmes in Alaior, with its round or square-shaped stone buildings, is possibly one of the best specimens of Talayotic architecture. The remarkable vestiges of underground residences and storage spaces may still be seen here.

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A Nirvana

Menorca is dedicated to the preservation of its natural scenery, according to its Unesco Biosphere Reserve designation. In the Barrancs’ ravines, species like the secretive pine marten, turtles, and peregrine falcons survive in five gorgeous parks and several reserves.

The City of Ciutadella

Ciutadella, Menorca’s original city and located on the island’s extreme eastern tip, has an especially lovely Old Town with a unique combination of antique buildings, terrific shops, and buzzing cafes. To witness spectacular architecture, head to the gothic Santa Maria Cathedral, which was constructed on the ruins of a 13th-century mosque. The annual Pedra Viva festival is held just outside of town at the Pedreres de s’Hostal, which are spectacular abandoned limestone quarries.

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Traditional Menorcan Dishes

Fish Meatballs

Menorca is known for its meatballs, which are made with fish and other shellfish. Bacalao ab burrida (cod meatballs) are a prominent example, as are albondigas de cabracho (scorpion fish meatballs), which are occasionally served with a thick tomato sauce.

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Arroz de la Tierra

Although Arroz de la Tierra literally means “rice of the land,” it does not contain rice. It’s created with wheat and baked with sausages after being crushed down in a pestle and mortar.

arroz de la tierra


Tumbet is a prevalent side dish made out of diced potatoes, aubergine, peppers, onions, and garlic that are cooked together in oil until crispy. It’s great with grilled fish or pork.

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