Switzerland A Heaven on Earth

Switzerland has a geographical location in the center of the European continent, and it is characterized by an attractive nature and a distinctive climate, which makes it one of the best European tourist destinations that tourists want to go to. The following are the most prominent tourist places worth visiting in Switzerland.


The Matterhorn is one of the highest mountains in the Alps, on the border with Italy, this peak rises to 4478 meters. At the foot of this peak is the attractive village of Zermatt, one of the best international resorts offering horse-drawn carriage rides, attractive chalets, world-class restaurants and hotels, to maintain air quality and a calm atmosphere, motorized vehicles have been banned in the village.

In winter, skiers can hike more than 300 kilometers of slopes, in summer, swimming and tennis are popular activities, as well as hiking, cycling and climbing in the surrounding mountains, snowboarding is also available in summer. Take a look here: https://www.zermatt.ch/en/matterhorn


Located between Lake Thun to the West and Lake Prinz to the East, Interlaken is one of the most popular summer holiday resorts, surrounded by flower gardens, hotels and cafes by the main street. The peaks above the city provide excellent opportunities for Alpine Adventures, Hiking, climbing and descending from mountain peaks, canoeing are also the main activities.

More than 45 mountain railways, cable cars, escalators and ski lifts transport visitors to the surrounding countryside and provide plenty of opportunities for sightseeing from above.

In winter, snowboarders can choose from the surrounding resorts and cross-country skiing along the extensive trail network, in summer, paragliding takes off to admire the views from low elevations, so it’s possible to jump on a paddle steamer for a cruise around the lakes.

For more information’s click here: https://www.interlaken.ch/en


It features a sparkling blue lagoon surrounded by mountains, a medieval car-free Old Town, covered bridges, waterfront parks, historical buildings decorated with murals, sun-drenched squares with fountains. This famous Swiss city is famous for its concerts, attracting famous soloists, conductors and orchestras to the annual International Music Festival, the culture and Conference Center is home to one of the world’s leading concert halls.

One of the most famous sights of the city is the Chapel Bridge built in the XIV century in a small Park, the famous Lion Monument is located, a touching statue of a dying lion, honoring the heroic death of the Swiss Guards during the attack on the Tuileries in the French Revolution, history buffs will enjoy the Swiss Transport Museum with extensive exhibits on all forms of transport, including air and space travel, Railway trains and a planetarium. Lucerne: https://www.myswitzerland.com/en/destinations/lucerne/

Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KMf64Mf_WM&ab_channel=SvenVee

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