Wonderful Turkey: Places to visit and Magnificent Culture

Turkey is a nation with a distinct geographical area, since it is located partially in Asia and also in Europe. The distance of Turkey from North to South varies between around 300 and 400 miles, while its length from west to east is approximately 1,000 kilometers.


Ephesus is a city in Turkey that is home to enormous temples and also fascinating marble columns. Ephesus is one of the unique destinations in Turkey that is well worth seeing if you want to get a taste of what life really is.


Cappadocia is a unique destination that draws the attention of travelers, particularly photographers, who come to see it. You can also be able to explore the highest points of the hills in Cappadocia by taking a hot-air balloon.

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Located along the stunning Turkish Riviera, Antalya is a thriving metropolis that welcomes visitors with an abundance of hotels, resorts, and cafes as well as restaurants. Amazing beaches and mountains filled with old monuments encircle the city, which is surrounded by breathtaking surroundings. Whether you like sightseeing, swimming, hiking, or family activities, Antalya has lots of great things to offer everyone.


Some of the things that contribute to the culture of Turkish people are dressing, language, food, religion, music, and so on. Turkey is a nation that seems to have emerged from deep history, with empires that date back more than 4000 years. As a result of historical developments, Turkey has been exposed to a varied range of inhabitants and civilizations. This has really endowed this great country with an incredibly rich culture. It is highly recognized that Turkish culture is distinguished by a giving heart and wonderful hospitality. 



Turkish Food is one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world, ranking among Italian, Chinese, French, and other notable cuisines. Regional differences in food preferences add to the richness of Turkish cuisine, which is found across the nation.

Here is a list of the top Turkish cuisine

1. Manti (Turkish Ravioli)

2. Meze

3. Kumpir

4. Menemen

5. Lahmacun

6. Baklava

7. Iskender Kebap

8. Balik Ekmek

9. Gözleme

10. Imam Bayildi


The official language in Turkey is Turkish. This language is spoken by 90% of the 70 million population of the country. However, English is also spoken in some parts of the country. 

In Conclusion 

There are still a lot of amazing things about Turkey, however, they all make it a worthy place to visit.


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